State & Local Government Summit

October 16, 2012: Day 1 Strategy Session Agenda

11:00am ET
Keynote Address: IT Trends in Government the Top 3 Trends in State and Local Government

Mike Donlan, Vice President, US State & Local Government, Microsoft Corporation
Rob Enderle, Enderle Group

As we move into the post-election world of massive budget cuts regardless of which party ends up in power there are three trends that will likely become front and center in order for you to contain and reduce budgets. BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device has proven to result in a massive savings in both hardware maintenance and support cost but only if it is driven by desktop virtualization. The use of cloud services has already been going vertical and will likely accelerate but continues to drive huge issues with in terms of compliance with security requirements. Remote and mobile efforts continue to accelerate as office space is cut back and budgets to update existing spaces are eliminated creating both management and support issues that will need to be addressed. All of this means you’ll need to start thinking very differently about services like Office 365, Windows 8, and the tablets and smartphones you recommend.

12:00pm ET
The Cloud Revolution: Transforming your IT operations to meet today’s State and Local Government Needs

Speaker: Keith Olinger, Sr. Director for Microsoft's State & Local Government Core Infrastructure Practice

Cloud computing is here, and presents many opportunities for helping you solve your organization's fundamental agency and IT challenges. From building a private cloud to integrating that into the public cloud for a hybrid cloud architecture, join us to discuss solutions to help you cloud optimize your IT so you can fully meet your organization's unique needs. Join us to learn how we’re helping you have real impact in Government with Cloud computing.

1:00pm ET
Breaking Down the Silos: Reforming the PA Criminal Justice System Using Unified Case Management
Speaker: Rita D. Reynolds, CGCIO, Director of Technology Services and Telecommunications
County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania

Learn how the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania used Unified Case Management (UCM) — built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM — to help share information between the department, county, and State levels, and significantly improve the efficiency of case management throughout the offender lifecycle, while improving public safety and ensuring timely due process.

2:00pm ET
Hot Topic: Consumerization of Government IT – Best practices for balancing between user expectations and enterprise requirements

Speaker: Javier Vasquez, Director of Cloud & Collaboration Services, Microsoft

People today have more choice, more options, and more flexibility in the technology that they use every day — from powerful mobile devices and computers to the social networks that connect them with each other. As that technology spills over into their professional lives, they want to use the same technology at work as they use at home. And although consumer technology offers some great potential benefits for government, it also represents added risk in terms of security, privacy, and compliance. Join us for tips and best practices for finding the right balance and maximizing this opportunity for your organization

3:00pm ET
Real-World Results: Minnesota State Government Moves to the Cloud with a Hosted Solution to Improve
Cross-Agency Collaboration
Speaker: Christian Deloia, Product Manager, Minnesota IT Services

In 2008, The State Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) led an initiative to replace many disparate messaging systems used by various state agencies with an on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 messaging and collaboration solution. In 2010, The State Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) decided to move the entire executive branch to the cloud-based services of Microsoft Office 365. With a hosted enterprise solution, IT staff is providing a highly reliable and secure platform while decreasing administration and costs. It has also opened new possibilities for cross-agency communications and collaboration to improve delivery of citizen services.

4:00pm ET
A Summit Exclusive: New Opportunities for Government with Windows 8 and New Office
Speaker: Scott Villinski, Microsoft

It's Windows reimagined and reinvented for speed and reliability, with an all-new touch interface. It's a new Windows for new devices. And a new Office has arrived — a powerful service that helps unleash your best ideas, get things done and stay connected on the go. Hear from Microsoft insiders describe how the latest Windows and Office will help your organization further deliver on its mission.